Call for Awards 2018

The call for the sixth edition of the World Smart City Awards is now open for applications. Smart City players can present their candidacies from now until September 7th 2016. The winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held on November 16th 2016 within the scope of the Smart City Expo in Barcelona (Spain).

The World Smart City Award is open to a wide range of candidates and its objective is to identify and back innovative solutions that could help to change citizen’s lives by increasing efficiency, generating business and improving the quality of life. Cities, companies, entrepreneurs and startups, universities, research centres, universities, public and private organisations and consortiums are invited to apply and take advantage of this opportunity to win global recognition.

All the projects and initiatives presented have to focus on one of the following areas: Governance, Economy, Mobility, Society, Sustainability, Data & technology and Circular Economy. Smart City players that fulfil the conditions can now present their candidacies for one of the three categories of the award.

The City Award will be for cities that demonstrate having strategies, initiatives and policies developed for its citizens. The second category will be the Project Award, for implemented projects that are now running and benefitting inhabitants in a specific smart city area. The last and new one category is the Innovative Global South Award that considers innovative ideas that address pressing global challenges located in the Global South (Asia, Africa and Latin America).

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Call for Awards 2018
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